1723 Pennsylvania Ave, Bremerton WA 98337

Starting at:

Small $45

4’x5’ up to 5’x9’ Heated or Drive up.


The size of a large closet, perfect for storing extra items, clothing, books, and seasonal items.

Starting at:

Medium $82

5’x10‘  up to 9’x10’ Heated or Drive up.


Can store an apartment or small home. Can store a motor cycle. Will hold some furniture or appliances. Perfect for extra items, seasonal items, and bicycles.

Starting at:

Large $145

10’’x10’ up to 10x20’ Heated or Drive up.


Can store a household of items. Perfect for king-size mattress, major appliances, furniture, clothing, boxes, sporting goods, or business merchandise.

Starting at:

Extra Large $299

15’x20’ up to 20x20’ Drive up.


Can store 1 or 2 vehicles. Perfect for a large home, with lots of furniture and appliances. Great for business merchandise.

Starting at:

Parking $60

Fenced, paved and lit. Our parking prices start at $60 for a vehicle less than 20’ overall length.

The above is a guide of some of our standard storage unit sizes.


We have many different sizes, and many “in-between” sizes of units.


We have drive-up accessible units and heated units.


Choosing the best size unit to fit your needs will save you money. Sometimes the best way to determine the size that you will need is visual. Feel free to stop by our office, we’d be more than happy to show you some different units and help you make your decision.

1723 Pennsylvania Ave,

Bremerton WA 98337


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